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Why is a website important for a small business?

Every small business needs a way to expand themselves. Business cards, ads, etc. Websites can bring your small business recognition, fulfill company needs, and increase marketing revenue.

What website should I make?

Depending on your business your website should be optimized for that purpose. View our themes and see which one is right for your company.

What does Two Week Websites include?

Twenty professional themes, changes to your website, domain and hosting included, email support, social media and SEO training, keyword research, link from our website, and SEO optimization.

Why use two week websites?

Two Week Websites is a perfect solution if you want a professional, user friendly, website completed in two weeks or less.

How many themes are there?

There are twenty themes in total, depending on the package you pick the amount of themes might vary.

How do I know which theme is best for me?

Click on each individual theme to view the demo of each theme and see which is best for your company.

Who will develop my website?

Our experienced developers will build your website with all your necessities.

Can I buy my website?

Yes, the cost to buy your whole website and have complete control is $2,500. This includes free assistance moving it to your hosting and domain. After that, we are no longer responsible for your website.

What is SEO and Social Media Training?

If you purchase Business Premium or Business extended, you are granted a free workshop to SEO and Social Media Training classes. These workshops can teach you how to grow your business and bring more traffic to your website! To learn more visit:

How do I change my theme?

To change your theme give us a call or email us through the contact page. Changing your theme will cost you $250.

How can I improve my website?

Optimizing SEO, keyword research, design changes, promote your website to clients, increase traffic with ads, and keep your website up to date with modern design.

How do I speed up a WordPress Website?

Don’t add too many unnecessary plugins, keep WordPress up to date, and minifying pdf and videos.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source Content Administration Framework utilized broadly all throughout the planet. You needn’t bother with information on coding or data sets to utilize WordPress. One out of four sites is made utilizing WordPress.

How can I generate website traffic with no marketing budget?

For starters implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to your website. Create weekly blogs for your website and have keywords that revolve around your business. Grow your social media page and post about your business or give out relavant tips.

How can I boost the sale on my E-commerce website?

Offer discounts, showcase top sellers, SEO, provide a variety of options to pay, promote what you’re selling in your email marketing, and display trust seals or icons.

Is Two Week Websites Mobile Friendly?

Yes, we offer mobile user friendly websites included in all packages.

Why is website design important?

Website design is important to attract more clients and to increase website traffic.

Why is website traffic important?

Website traffic is important to increase client revenue and bring you on top of the google search page. Traffic from google search will increase your marketing and produce more opportunity for your business.

Why is a website important for your business?

A website can advertise to your clients, give them additional detail about your work or organization, and bring revenue to your company.

What happens if my website takes too long?

Content must be provided in order for the website to be completed on time.

How long does it take to build a website?

Other developers from other companies usually take about 3-6 months to build a website. Two Week Websites can complete your website within two weeks.

How much money does it cost to publish a website?

Developers that are not with Two Week Websites charge about $1,200 – $5,000 to build a Custom Website. They even charge for every change you want to make and addition fees for SEO.

When will my website be complete?

In two weeks or less, your website will be completed!

Will my website have traffic?

Yes, your website will have Search Engine Optimization. Many developers not from Two Week Websites lack the experience of adding SEO to websites.

How much content can I send?

As much as you can deliver. This includes photos, description of the organization, and company logo.

Will my website be protected?

Yes, your website will be safe and secure with many optimal plugins our developers use. You will never have to worry about dangerous cyber attacks.

How much should you pay someone for a website?

You should pay no more than $400 for your website to be built. Developers usually charge $1,200 to have your website built. Additionally for SEO.

How do I save my website from getting hacked?

Keep updating your content and your site, add plugins to protect your site from hackers, have backups of your website in case something goes wrong, and always keep your passwords protected!

Why is WordPress so popular?

WordPress is not difficult to utilize, you can fabricate a site in minutes, Search Engine Optimization well disposed, secure from hackers, it’s free, has amazing modules and plugins, and pre-constructed themes. Pretty much every site you visit is built by WordPress.

What are the ways to earn money through a website?

Implement Ads to your website, online shopping carts and products for your users to buy (Ecommerce), and continue to grow your website traffic with SEO or social media marketing.

How can I recover a hacked website?

Create a backup of your previous version of the site, ensure there are no vulnerabilities on your website, add security plugins to increase the safety of your website, and delete any suspicious files that you may think is causing the issue of your site.

What if I own a domain for my website?

If you already have a domain and would like to purchase a plan from Two Week Websites then your domain must be forwarded from your provider.

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