About Two Week Websites

Two Week Websites is a service that can provide you with a simple, user friendly, and interactive website in within two weeks. There is no need to stress and wait 3-6 months for a website that you do not want. With Two Week Websites you can have a professional optimal website for your company. Our developers are highly trained to structure and build your website. Pick within twenty five of our themes, deliver us the content, and you’ll have your website up and running in no time!

John Pena

John Pena

Web Development Specialist

John Pena is your everyday coding, designing, and marketing expert. When it comes to building a website for your company, he can design and structure it for you.

He started coding when he was in his Freshman year of High School. The first languages he learned was HTML and CSS. Enhancing his skills over time and learning other languages such as Python and JavaScript, he’s proven to be a well-trained professional developer. After graduating High School he studied in a coding bootcamp for 15 weeks, created significant projects, and built professional websites.

Graduating from the coding bootcamp and earning his Web Development Certificate, John found a job at the Doral Chamber of Commerce. He is now a Web Development Specialist and a brilliant entrepreneur.